Mar 21, 2012

Fiction: Is It Worth It?

     I am writing a book. It is in the science fiction genre. My goal for the book has always been higher than simple entertainment. I want my book to glorify God, not just make a reader happy. But every once in a while I wonder, "Is it worth it?"

     There are some who say that fantasy and science fiction are a means of escape. That we use fiction to "get out" of the world for as long as we can. They say that much of modern day fiction is causing us to pull away from reality. That we are forgetting that this world has real consequences and requires us to take real responsibility. 

     God has often used fiction in my life to draw me back to Him. But I have also often been distracted by fiction.

     If, as Christians, we are to keep our eyes focused on Christ, then how does fiction, and entertainment in general, fit in? I don't think God wants us to live dull, boring lives. But if glorifying God more means abstaining from time-wasting entertainment, then surely He will bless those who obey. The question is, does God want me to?

     This is one of those areas where Christians will never totally agree, I think. And that's fine, because we aren't supposed to agree on everything. But I want to hear all the views.

     Is fiction worth it? Is writing fiction, reading fiction, and watching fiction on the TV worth the time we give it? What say you?

Mar 5, 2012

Happy Monday, Everyone!

     Proven fact: Mondays are not as cool as Flippy, Floppy, Fruity, Futterwacken, Fantastic Fridays. But the best thing to do when faced with the adversity of an upcoming week is to make fun of it. Thus, I give you Julian Smith:

Mar 2, 2012

Flippy, Floppy, Fruity, Futterwacken, Fantastic Friday!

     Listen, I'm just getting in on the apparent trend. Fairly Funny Friday, Short and Sweet Friday, Filk Friday, and Friday Fun are all current posts on blogs I am following. So here is my clever Friday post. Ta-da.

     So, are you... looking forward to the weekend?

     Sorry. It just had to be done.

     I am going to have a bonfire with some friends tonight. What are your weekend plans?

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