Oct 29, 2013

Sticky Notes

  Just over a year ago I told you, my faithful readers, to save a sticky note reminding you to check back here for some exciting news.

     As I said, that was a year ago... and, unfortunately, I still cannot tell you the news I wanted to.

     I was going to announce the publication of a poem-story of mine in an anthology. But it hasn't happened yet. I don't know that it won't happen sometime, but it is taking much, MUCH longer than I expected.

     So, yup, I'm still an unpublished writer.

     I know I've talked about this before, but it's really nuts how God's timing doesn't work the way we picture it will. "COME ON, GOD! DON'T I KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR ME?!" Nope.

     Thankfully, He doesn't leave us hanging for long. Suspense always has a culmination.

     Right now, I am still writing. Nanowrimo will be an unofficial endeavor this year; no way am I going to make 50,000 words this time. I'll be working as much as I can on a new (top secret) book with the working title "Flight." My other book, the one I have been working on since I began this blog, if currently in time-out because it refuses to speak to me. Bad book.

     I went back to Word of Life this summer to work in the bookstore again. Someday, I want my own bookstore....

     Oh, that's right, I was talking about suspense!

     Well, God has given me another project to do while I work on becoming a published author. It's a big project. Hopefully, it will become a HUGE project.

     What is it, what is it?! Are you dying to know??? Is the suspense killing you?!

     I was planning to tell you. Then this post got long. Sooo, I guess you'll have to wait until the next post.

     Which will, I promise, be posted later THIS WEEK. Not next year. You have my word.

Post Tenebras Lux!