Nov 9, 2013

Gifts for Geeky Writers

If you are a writer, I'm sure you are drooling over this list. If you are not a writer, but you know one, then consider your Christmas shopping over. Here are all your Nanowrimo essentials, your home decor, and your styling apparel. You are welcome to buy any of these for me (hint, hint).

I actually don't know if all of these are real products (I found many of them on Pinterest). They are at least good for ideas. I link to the ones I know are real in the captions.

Remember, if all else fails, Barnes&Noble or gift cards are epic.

3D Lord of the Rings Edoras puzzle to help you brainstorm. Get this from


Batsymbol ice cube tray
Batman ice mold to cool your hot chocolate faster. Also look for Star Wars. Get this from



Coolest pen in existence
A pen that will scan any color so you can write in it. What.


RAINBOW COLORED IDEAS KEEPER (also known as awesome sticky notes)! Get it from

Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Infinity KNIT scarf - made to order
Middle Earth scarf. Get this from Etsy. This seller has many variations of clothing for all sorts of geeks and nerds alike.

Message in a bottle, USB version
Keep the story as a message in a bottle. Get it from
Creature cups lurk beneath your beverage…
Creatures rising from the depths of dark caffeine. Get these from
Tolkien & Cummings cuffs
Cool cuffs with writerly quotes.
This is too cool. Reversible Chewbacca/Han Solo Jacket.
Keep cozy with Chewie! Or Han Solo, whichever way you wear this reversible jacket.
A broadsword umbrella. Almost as good as a real sword. Get this from
Thing of beauty.


Hulk Smash stapler.  This is cool.


BATMAN and Bruce Wayne Light Switch Plate
Batman or...
Harry Potter light switch cover
Harry Potter! You can buy wood light switches at Home depot and paint them yourself.


Hobbit Garden Scented Soy Candle
Who doesn't want their home to smell like
Hobbiton? Get this from Etsy.

Knight Sweatshirt
Invisible ink pens. Keep your story top secret. Get these from

Nov 1, 2013

Shouting Out

     I read an article written by a man who self published a book that was the #1 bestseller in non-fiction on for a few days. He described exactly what he did to publish and market his book, and then at the end tallied up the total cost. He spent about $30,000.

     As a writer pursuing authorship, that number freaked me out a bit. I don't have and probably won't ever have that kind of cash to spend on a book.

     I noticed that most of the $30,000 was spent on marketing. The author paid for an animated trailer, radio interviews, an audiobook, and more. He even paid people to market the book in various places for him.

     Then God said, "Let there be a light bulb above Cadi's head."

     This author had to go to tons of different places to market his book, from blogs to business websites. But what if there were a place, a group, so well known for their coverage of media, that if your book could be featured in this place, thousands of people would be sure to see it? What if it were a crazy combo of talk show, podcast, video, radio, blog, news report, and any other kind of media? What if this place was THE place that authors would want to be seen on? That readers would enjoy watching? That EVERYONE who loves a story will want to follow?

     That was the beginning of StoryShoutOut.

     So, I started it. I want StoryShoutOut to grow into a reliable hub that will entertain and educate lovers of story. I am making it to be an entertainment center for everything relating to stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

     Of course, I expect this project to take years before it gets any sort of following. But I am building a great team to help me with the blog posts, videos, interviews, giveaways, and, of course, stories. It is going to be a fun ride.

     Here is a link to the site: Please come visit! And if you would like to be involved, just go to the contact page and let me know.

Post Tenebras Lux!

Oct 29, 2013

Sticky Notes

  Just over a year ago I told you, my faithful readers, to save a sticky note reminding you to check back here for some exciting news.

     As I said, that was a year ago... and, unfortunately, I still cannot tell you the news I wanted to.

     I was going to announce the publication of a poem-story of mine in an anthology. But it hasn't happened yet. I don't know that it won't happen sometime, but it is taking much, MUCH longer than I expected.

     So, yup, I'm still an unpublished writer.

     I know I've talked about this before, but it's really nuts how God's timing doesn't work the way we picture it will. "COME ON, GOD! DON'T I KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR ME?!" Nope.

     Thankfully, He doesn't leave us hanging for long. Suspense always has a culmination.

     Right now, I am still writing. Nanowrimo will be an unofficial endeavor this year; no way am I going to make 50,000 words this time. I'll be working as much as I can on a new (top secret) book with the working title "Flight." My other book, the one I have been working on since I began this blog, if currently in time-out because it refuses to speak to me. Bad book.

     I went back to Word of Life this summer to work in the bookstore again. Someday, I want my own bookstore....

     Oh, that's right, I was talking about suspense!

     Well, God has given me another project to do while I work on becoming a published author. It's a big project. Hopefully, it will become a HUGE project.

     What is it, what is it?! Are you dying to know??? Is the suspense killing you?!

     I was planning to tell you. Then this post got long. Sooo, I guess you'll have to wait until the next post.

     Which will, I promise, be posted later THIS WEEK. Not next year. You have my word.

Post Tenebras Lux!