Nov 17, 2014

Still Here

     I don't know about you, but I am still here.

This is how Mr. Smiley protests my long absences.

     A lot has been going on in my life. I went to Haiti for a week. Then I went to Massachusetts for a week. Then I did an intense childcare program for a week.

     I have been working on Flight, though not as much as I should. I have gone back to working out the plot. I think I will write faster if I know where I'm going, what the next step is supposed to be.

     Not gonna lie; I feel like I keep going in circles. I'm getting frustrated because I JUST WANT TO GET THIS FIRKIN-MOOSE STORY ON PAPER! But then I realize that I don't really know exactly what the story looks like. And then I come and vent to you.

     And speaking of circles, I still haven't decided if I'm going to the writer's conference. It's about $1,000 to go, and I'm naturally a Scrooge at spending money on things for myself (except when it comes to books -- I spend stupid money on books). This is assuming, of course, that I don't win the scholarship. Because, seriously, I probably won't win. I might not even enter, because you have to submit 1,000 words (if only words were dollars!) of your current project. Flight doesn't have a set of comprehensible words that long yet!

     Sheesh, I can't even believe how good I am at this being-a-writer thing.

     Ok, sarcasm aside, here are a couple good points:

  • Now that life has slowed down a little, I am getting back on a routine of working on Flight. If you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate prayer for creativity in nailing this plot down. Also, to help me in this department, I am currently reading The Plot Thickens by Noah Lukeman (though I have only gotten to the character development parts. Which I have already done. But it is making consider going back and doing it again... NO! I WILL PRESS FORWARD! < I don't know why, but I heard a German accent there, did you?).
  • I have until the end of December to get my submission for the writer's conference scholarship in. Even so, I feel that I am very close to just throwing the money at them and going. It would be fun and $1,000 isn't going to look like much over the course of my life. Plus, it's on the Game Plan.
  • Chocolate oranges are back for the season. 

Ok, I gotta quit procrastinating and go work on Flight.

Post Tenebras Lux!