Apr 23, 2014

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

     I wrote just over 300 words today. The amount is not very exciting, but I am excited because those words make up the current start of Flight.

     If you've been paying attention, you may be wondering why I suddenly started writing the actual story instead of character developing short stories. Well, I'm still developing characters. There was one guy (you can call him John) that I needed to do major work on, but his short story rolled out nicely and helped me really see him. Now that John is done, I only have one more character with a murky backstory, so I'm still working on him. Remember, I've been hanging with these characters for over a year, so I think I have most of them down pretty well.

     By the way, if you're reading my posts, thank you so much! You are keeping me accountable, motivating me to get this story written so I can tell you about it. Maybe no one is there and I'm writing to myself, but I guess the push to write comes from the knowledge that, even if no one cares now, someday someone may be encouraged by my words.

Post Tenebras Lux!