Feb 11, 2014

i Sees ALL youre Misteaks!

     A friend told me about a book he read that was written and (presumably) self-published by one of his friends. I asked for his opinion of his friend’s writing. He hesitated and then said, “He’s not professional yet. There were a lot of editing problems.” I cringed inside.

     Editorial failure is one of my greatest pet-peeves. The slightest mistake can pull a reader out of a story faster than a spelling bee stings. It degrades an author’s reputation as a reliable storyteller. It is the bane of suspended belief.

     I don’t know any writer who edits perfectly by themselves. Even I don’t. (Shocker!) Auto-correct only goes so far. Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes.

     Trouble is, most professional editors are super expensive. If you need someone to just go over the basics of your manuscript, please consider me. I am not a professional, but I do have a knack for spotting poor grammar, incorrect sentence structure, telling instead of showing, etc. 

     The best part is, since I’m not a pro, I won’t charge you anything for short stories or the first few chapters. If you have a long novel you would like me to edit, we can talk about that after the first chapters.

     If you would like me to edit something for you, or if you have questions, please email me at storytellersilverloom@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook.

Post Tenebras Lux!

"Cadi is a thorough editor with a keen eye, and found every mistake I missed. She provides compassionate critique and whips grammar, structure, and point of view into shape. Editing with her was an enjoyable experience, not just work. I'd recommend her work to any writer." 
                                         - Mirriam Neal, author of Monster

 "As a writer, being able to see through your reader's eyes is invaluable. Cadi does this very well indeed, and is excellent at examining the course of your plot and the usefulness of your prose. If you're looking for a roadmap for your revisions and a way to make every change count, I highly recommend Cadi."
                   - Jake Buller, writer