Jun 4, 2014

People Come and Go so Quickly Here

     Life happens really fast.

     No, this is not an excuse for why I haven’t been writing. It is an explanation. Big difference.

     Right now, my life is very busy and will continue to be so for the next few months. Maybe it will calm down around October. Hopefully.

     I would love to say that I will continue to work on Flight and my other projects during this time, but I would be psyching myself out. So, once again, here is a pause in my writing journey. I may find time to do bits an’ pieces, but don’t expect much to be going on here for the next couple of months. It’s ok, not a huge deal, just time for traveling a different road for a bit. As I said, life goes quickly, so I’ll be back in a flash (Lord willing and the internet don’t die).

     See you in a while!

Post Tenebras Lux!