May 4, 2015

New Project: Editor

     I love editing. There is something magical about being a second pair of eyes, watching a piece go from good to better. I catch typos, plot holes, and litterary faux-pas in published materials all the time.

     Last year, I wrote that I was available to be an editor or beta reader. No one contacted me. I thought, "Oh well, I guess God doesn't want me to be an editor."

     A few weeks ago, I read an ad put out by a site called Geeks Under Grace. I didn't know anything about GUG, but the ad caught my eye because they were looking for an editor. I seemed to fit the requirements; my favorite one was "Loves God and loves geeks." That night, I drafted my resume. 

     It wasn't long before I heard back. Geeks Under Grace wanted me to be one of their editors! I have been learning the ropes and getting to know a lot of Godly geeks.

     I am calling this a "project" because it is currently volunteer work. The pay, for me, is the experience. I am learning about editing and working with people who love Jesus. It is so much fun!

     So, come visit Geeks Under Grace! They have a ton of awesome material for Christian geeks of all kinds. 

     Post Tenebras Lux!