Apr 12, 2014

What the Hattedsmileyball am I Doing?!

     Flight. I am doing Flight.

     And a million other things, of course. 

     Those other things include StoryShoutOut, childcare, hospitality, reading, counseling, studying, sleeping, exercising, teaching, cooking, procrastination, preparation, relaxation, worshiping, worrying…. Sorry, whew, I ran out of breath!

flight     However, as far as this writer’s journey goes, Flight is the current focus of my pen.

     Flight is the working title/code name of my new manuscript. I started working on it this past year (and last Nanowrimo). My previous book, the one I was working on when I began this blog, has taken a backburner. (This is because the characters are stubborn and refuse to give me a coherent plotline. I think they are upset with me because I dragged them through Nanowrimo 2012).

    secret smiles Flight is top secret. Whereas I have previously shared my drafts and ideas with close friends and family, Flight’s plot is going to be completely confined to my mind until its’ completion. I especially want to keep my sister and my best friend in the dark until then. They usually have huge influence in the stories I write, but I want Flight to be a special glimpse inside my imagination for them.

     What I can tell you about Flight right now is:

  • The genre will be Science Fiction.
  • The story will  not be very long; one or two short books at the most. 
  • I really want to have the story done before I turn 24, so I have about a year and a half. That might seem like a long time, but if you take another look at the “million things” list above, you’ll understand better.
  • Most of the research phase is done. Right now, I am working on character development. That mainly looks like short stories focused on each individual character, showcasing their past and present lives. I will be updating this blog as the work continues. 
     And so the Road goes ever on!

Post Tenebras Lux!

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