Nov 1, 2013

Shouting Out

     I read an article written by a man who self published a book that was the #1 bestseller in non-fiction on for a few days. He described exactly what he did to publish and market his book, and then at the end tallied up the total cost. He spent about $30,000.

     As a writer pursuing authorship, that number freaked me out a bit. I don't have and probably won't ever have that kind of cash to spend on a book.

     I noticed that most of the $30,000 was spent on marketing. The author paid for an animated trailer, radio interviews, an audiobook, and more. He even paid people to market the book in various places for him.

     Then God said, "Let there be a light bulb above Cadi's head."

     This author had to go to tons of different places to market his book, from blogs to business websites. But what if there were a place, a group, so well known for their coverage of media, that if your book could be featured in this place, thousands of people would be sure to see it? What if it were a crazy combo of talk show, podcast, video, radio, blog, news report, and any other kind of media? What if this place was THE place that authors would want to be seen on? That readers would enjoy watching? That EVERYONE who loves a story will want to follow?

     That was the beginning of StoryShoutOut.

     So, I started it. I want StoryShoutOut to grow into a reliable hub that will entertain and educate lovers of story. I am making it to be an entertainment center for everything relating to stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

     Of course, I expect this project to take years before it gets any sort of following. But I am building a great team to help me with the blog posts, videos, interviews, giveaways, and, of course, stories. It is going to be a fun ride.

     Here is a link to the site: Please come visit! And if you would like to be involved, just go to the contact page and let me know.

Post Tenebras Lux!

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