May 29, 2010

God's Timing


     Sometimes God's watch does not run at the speed we want it to. Sometimes we think we know the best way and time for something to happen, but God knows otherwise. Sometimes His will is clear to us, but more often we cannot see the path our story is taking.

     This is where I am right now. I know God has a plan for me, but I do not have a clue what it is.

     For the past few weeks, I have not been actively pursuing an agent. (Maybe you have noticed that my last update was in the beginning of April?) The reason for that is I have been waiting and preparing for something.

     In the second post on this blog, way back in September, I said, "I am going to keep pursuing getting this book published unless God tells me to knock it off." Well, God has told me ( not suddenly, but quite decidedly) that I need to stop looking to be published at this point in time.

     No, I did not hear His audible voice; I know He wants me to pause in my journey simply by how my circumstances are.

     When I first began searching for an agent, I thought my book would have a contract by the end of 2010. At least, I strongly hoped it. The way things were going seemed like perfect timing back then. But my life story is taking a different turn, and I have to trust that God's timing is perfect. I am confident that what is happening in my life will accomplish His good purpose.

     Basically, there are some things I have to do before I can resume my search for an agent and/or publisher. It will take me at least a year and a half (and that would drive me insane if I didn't believe this is the way God wants it to be). I am not even sure that is a good time line, because I have discovered my book could use some major rewriting. So that will also have to happen before I can think about publishing again.

      I hope to be able to post here still, but it won't be as often as I have been. Please keep me in your prayers. Let us continue to walk the narrow road that leads to Christ.

     Post Tenebras Lux. After Darkness Light.


Galadriel said...

I don't feel ready to publish yet I'm editing lots instead.

Storyteller said...

I'll be doing that also, Galadriel.

Christian, I published your comment, but I can't see it on here for some reason! I hope it will show up eventually, but if it doesn't, I want you to know that I did read it and was very encouraged. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Storyteller, you again inspire me. :) You are living under the invincible truth of Romans 8:28. I'll be praying that God gives you much patience, diligence, and wisdom in your quest.


Storyteller said...

Thank you, whisper. I am in need of all those things.

Araken said...

Will do

Johnnie said...

I really enjoyed our visit this morning. I'm so excited for your potential and the progress you've already made. Please stay in touch*

Storyteller said...

Thank you, Araken.

I had a ball, Mrs. Johnnie! Thanks for talking with me. :)

Andrew K. York said...

My blog address has changed to is still a 'blog' but more of a doormat to The Fourth Throne.

Storyteller said...

Sounds good, Andrew!

Heidi, I got your comment, but I can't publish it because you said my name. (Shhhh! It's secwet!)Thank you so much for the encouragement! It was awesome to hear from you. :)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Should probably tell you that I tagged you on my blog ROFL Check it out!

Storyteller said...

Thank you for the tag, Keeneye! I haven't been able to read your blog in a while.