May 20, 2010

Facebook Page

     The Storyteller Support team has been published to Facebook! As you can see from the sidebar, Picture Four, the brown background, was the one most voted for. Thanks for your help, everyone!
     The Support Team has been up since yesterday morning and already 13 people have joined. Yipee!!!
     Here is the link, FBers: Storyteller Support Team.Feel free to join. (That's nice talk for "Please, please, please JOIN!!!")
     Now if only Mr. Smiley would stop bugging me to make a page for him....
     Post Tenebras Lux!

1 comment:

Jake said...

Yahoo! I'd join if I could... The picture I picked won. :D

Actually, I DO have a Facebook, but it has gone into a state of neglect since we got a new internet safety program...