Nov 4, 2010


     What pictures, thoughts, or memories come to your mind when you hear this song?

     I found this beautiful song yesterday for free at . Been listening to it all day. Enjoy!

Post Tenebras Lux!



Gwendolyn said...

I'm so sorry for not responding to the content of the post... but I am nearly aghast.

You posted!

I had gone around to thinking you forgot your blog. ^^

Jake said...

STORYTELLER IS BAAAAAAAAAACCCKKK!!!! :D :D :D :D :D *wildly waves a flag in the air and cheers*

And for the song...twas interesting. At times the singer conjured a successful image in my head of sailing into the West like Elves, never coming back to Earth... >_> Heh heh...

Anyway, tis awesome to hear from ye once again, Storyteller Silverloom!

Storyteller said...

*laughs* Thank you both! I miss posting. I haven't forgotten... just have other priorities right now.

Goldarrow said...

Good song, I'll have to look the lyrics up sometime.

Aye Storyteller had posted! But that was a long time ago, I wonder if this will bring him/her back to the blog world.


You have an award at

Manny said...

Hey Storyteller-
I tagged you!

The instructions are in the post. Have fun!

-Manny (Vrenith and Jake's sister)

Aiwendil said...

Love it! :)