Feb 23, 2012

The Christian Girls Club

     I've known Jen for over a decade. She is a beautiful, talented, and fun young lady. But what sets her apart from most girls is her love for Jesus.

     Several years ago, Jen decided to create a newsletter for Christian girls (told you she was talented). It started with her circle of friends. Now it has expanded into a published magazine sent to girls all over the world. God has really blessed Jen's work.

     If you are a girl or a guy who knows of a girl (brothers!), you might want to look into the Christian Girls Club. It's encouraging. It's fun. It's interactive. And, whoopee, it's FREE! There really isn't any good reason why you shouldn't click here to go to the CGC website.

     By the way, (cough, cough) my story The Battle Surrendered is going to be featured in upcoming CGC issues. And it's edited and improved. With an alternate ending. Just sayin'.

     And if that isn't exciting enough, Jen loves involvement. This means, Christian writers, artists, and so on, that you can share your gifts with other Christian girls through the CGC.

     Did I mention that the CGC magazine is FREE?

     The best way to sign up for the CGC is to email your name and address to cgc(at)frontiernet(dot)net (cgc@frontiernet.net).

     If you would like more information, email me (storytellerjourney@hotmail.com) or Jen at the frontiernet address above. Please make sure you put "Christian Girls Club" in the subject box.

     By the way, the CGC is FREE. Epic, I know!

     Tell your friends.

     It's FREE! It's FREE! It's FREE, FREE, FREE!


     Seriously, check out the Christian Girls Club. Email me or Jen. Do it. What do you have to lose?

Post Tenebras Lux!

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