Nov 3, 2009

Book Review- Curse of the Spider King

     What would you do if you discovered you were an Elven lord from another world? What if you were being hunted by beings who could take on the form of anyone, even your most trusted friends and family? What if you suddenly gained incredible power that could enable you to see the future, walk on air, or read thoughts? These are the exciting questions Curse of the Spider King asks.
     Hundreds of years ago, the mighty kingdom of the Elves was overtaken by the Spider King. Though the Elven Sentinels of Allyra fought valiantly, they were no match for the Spider King's forces, and the enemy succeeded in capturing the seven prophesied lords of Allyra, all of whom were still only babies. 
     The surviving remnant of Elves were forced to flee underground to escape total annihilation by the Spider King. There they hid for centuries, until rumors spread that the Elven lords were still alive... but not in the world of Berinfell....

     Curse of the Spider King follows seven young teenagers- teenagers who think they are human. But there are others who know better. Some want to bring them home, back to their rightful place in Berinfell. Some want them dead. Who can be trusted? There is nowhere to hide. Will anyone escape the wrath of the Spider King?

 I found Curse of the Spider King to be very intriguing. All around, it was a very good book that I would recommend to any teenager. My favorite thing about it is how the evil Wisps can only be slain using words that parallel the Scripture!

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Carolyne said...

I cannot wait to read it!

Millardthemk said...

*Pats head and rubs stomach* It makes me wanna buy it!

Storyteller said...

Wow, my review must be really good to make you want to buy it again! *laughs*

Seth said...

For those that are not playing the roleplaying game of Allyra, ignore this comment, for those that are, congrats, you figured it out.

You have found where the Warspiders have deserted the Elves of Berinfell. At this point you can do one of two things, 1. you can send a message to the person you formally spoke to, who sent you here, and he will send the Elven warriors to come rescue them or 2. send word to and he will have the Spiderking's forces come take them.

Whichever you choose will temporarily align you with them and will depend on how you are treated and what rewards you get for what. Choose wisely

Storyteller said...

*looks around* Where are the Elves? *laughs*

Millardthemk said...

*chuckles* I always wanted to be the spider kings buddy.:D