Feb 17, 2010

The Next Step

     I got a package today!

     Alright, it isn't that exciting, since I ordered the package myself. But getting mail is still fun.

     In the package was a book called Christian Writers' Market Guide 2010. The book was brought to my attention several times, so I thought it would be a good investment. It lists many helpful resources such as publishers, conferences, and (most importantly to me) agents.

     If you remember from my last update, I said that I was researching a few agents. Sadly, they do not seem to have worked out; thus the reason I bought the market guide.

     The next step in my journey is to tackle the book and glean what I can from it. That may take a while, though; I have been greatly pressed for time as of late.

     Oh, if you want to check out the book, it was written by Sally E. Stuart. I found my copy on Amazon.com.

     Another point I should mention; my computer has an overheating problem, but I gave it to a friend who I hope will be able to fix it. I am not sure how long it will be before I get it back, so I may be absent from the internet for a while. In fact, I am typing this post on my iPod. Obsessed? Undoubtedly. But I do it for you. :)

Post Tenebras Lux!



Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

On your iPod? Yikes! I hate blogging on iPods.
Good luck finding an agent! I hope the book helps you!

Araken said...

I appreciate the effort :)

Storyteller said...

Ha ha! Thank you, guys.

Jessica said...

Oh, sounds like a really interesting book, I hope it helps you along your writing journey. How is your computer doing still in the shop? I greatly dislike a life without working computers they make like so much more complicated.

Storyteller said...

Thank you, Jessica. :) My PC is still being repaired, but apparently the part that was needed has arrived, so I am hopeful that I will be getting it back soon. Thankfully, I have been able to borrow a computer!

Squeaks said...

Hmm...something is really going on with posting comments on my computer :P I wrote one up but I guess I must have never posted it :| Ah well..just wanted to say that I've accepted the tag (lol). It was quite fun.

I'm definitely interested in hearing more about your book! You'll have to let everyone know (of course you will) when it's published :)