Mar 11, 2010

Book Review- Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow

     Hunter Brown is your average High School prankster; the only thing he seems to be good at is getting into trouble. But his whole life changes when he is given a mysterious book and key. Strange dreams and visions lead him to the land of Solandria where he must find a man named Aviad.
     Hunter soon learns that something dark is hunting him. The Shadow wants to turn Hunter away from his mission to find Aviad, and they will stop at nothing to capture him. With the help of the Codebearers (warriors who are part of a Resistance against The Shadow), Hunter trains in the ways of the Author. But Hunter is not completely sure he trusts the Author with his life, as the Codebearers do. Will he join the Shadow? Or will he learn to have faith in the Author and Aviad?

     I loved the way this book parallels the journey to Salvation. It really made me think about what it is that Christ does for us when we accept Him as Savior. The book is packed with plenty of surprises. I would recommend it to anyone.

If you would like more information about Hunter Brown or its creators, The Miller Brothers, here is the link to the official site:
Post Tenebras Lux!


AB said...

Hmm, maybe I'll pick it up sometime. Thanks, ST, for the review! :)
Btw, I like how Mr. Smiley is "reading" the book. :D

Storyteller said...

Danke, Watcher! :)

Araken said...

Thanks for the heads-up on another book!

Storyteller said...

My pleasure, Araken! Thank you for taking the time to read it!