Mar 25, 2015

Flight at the Conference

      My sister is not happy with me right now.

     It's because I took Flight to the writer's conference. Prior to going, I submitted a bit of Flight for a scholarship. When my sister found out, she said, "How come strangers can read it, but you won't let me?"

     "Because they're strangers and it's for you."

     I didn't really think I would get the scholarship. It was the first scene I ever wrote for Flight (and one of the only scenes I know will be in the final story), an action sequence with Benjamin and the main character, Phoenix. 

     Somebody liked it. Or maybe they thought I needed to come to the conference and get help. Either way, I got a partial scholarship! If you have ever seen the movie Little Women, you have a good picture of how I pranced around the house ("Five whole dollars! I'm an AUTHOR!"). 

     When I showed the scholarship to my sister, I said, "Look! They paid me for Flight! I told you it was a story worth waiting for!"

     She rolled her eyes. "It would still be better if you let me read it."

     At the conference, I brought the same piece to Teen Track for critiquing. They were extremely helpful and said they liked it.

     I probably shouldn't have told my sister that the Teen Track saw it, but I was so encouraged by their responses. She was even more than less than unhappy ("Savvy?") that some people know a lot more about Flight than she does. 

     Today, my sister asked, "So, wait, is Phoenix a phoenix?"

     "I cannot divulge that information," I said. 

     "Do the Teen Trackers know what kind of bird Phoenix is?" 

     "Uhm... yeeeeees?"

     She slapped me. Apparently, secrets do not make friends. This story better be worth it. 

     Post Tenebras Lux!

     By the way, my sister and I still have a good relationship despite her annoyance with Flight. In fact, she just did make-up testing on my face.
     "Why are you putting primer on my eyelids? I'm not a wall!"
     "No, but you are a canvas. Close your eyes."


Opal said...

It sounds like you and your sister have a great relationship :) My sisters not very interested in my writing.
It's awesome that you got a partial scholarship- well done!

SamJ said...

Family can definitely have a hard time understanding the sharing or lack thereof of writing details. Congrats on the scholarship.

Victoria Grace Howell said...

Lol. XD This is cute. Congrats on winning the scholarship! That's cool. I liked the story. ^ ^ And good I'm not the only person who's been used as a make-up tester by their sister lol.

Stori Tori's Blog

Storyteller SilverLoom said...

Thanks, all! I have to say, my sister is the best (besides my other sister, of course). ;)