Apr 18, 2015

Blogs for Girls

     Hey, girlfriends!

     I recently discovered two wonderful and encouraging blogs made just for Christian ladies. Let me share a bit about them.

     A while ago, I told you all about my friend Jen, who was running a magazine called 'The Christian Girls Club.' Well, Jen has now started a website for girls: littlefaithblog.com. Jen loves to use Disney, crafts, and other girly things to talk about our relationships with Jesus. It's a super fun site. She'll even show you how to make a "Little Faith Book." 

Me and Kristen at the awards banquet.
     The second site is called thinktruethoughts.com. It's run by Kristen Hogrefe, who is a Christian author I met at the writer's conference (check out her book!). Kristen is a sweet and wise woman. Don't miss the truth and encouragement she is sharing! 

     I hope you girls check out and enjoy these awesome blogs.

Post Tenebras Lux!


Kristen Hogrefe said...

Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed meeting you at the writer's conference as well and look forward to following your writing journey.

Jenny said...

Oh, you! I love you dearly! Thank you so much for featuring my blog.

Victoria Grace Howell said...

Cool! I'll check out the site! ^ ^

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