Sep 12, 2009

First Week Down... Who Knows How Many More To Go!

     This blog is officially a week old. Whew! It felt like a lot longer.
     Ok, so, update: At Michael Hyatt's suggestion on his blog, I contacted several authors and publishers about an agent I found who looked promising. Basically, I asked them what they thought about the agent. Thus far, all the authors have responded, but only one of the publishers has gotten back to me, so I am waiting for the second response. Because everyone has told me only good things about this agent, I am not sure how long I will wait for a reply from the publisher. Although the silence makes me suspicious....
     As far as the editing goes... eh heh, well, I've been a bit distracted this week. (Go ahead and give me a virtual slap) I have enough to send to the agent (I'm more than half way through), so that's probably why I've allowed myself to slack a little. Still, bad bad.
     Right now, I'm in a stage of waiting and making decisions. The closer I get to really, seriously pursuing the agent, the more anxious I get. Is my story good enough? Am I skilled enough, learned enough, talented, or smart enough? For the world, well, I'm just not sure yet. Sometimes I'm sure I am going to knock the socks off of the agents, publishers, and bookstores. Other times, I am sure that no one will ever consider my manuscript. It's hard to remember that I'm accepted by God just as I am.
     All I can say is, I'm glad God has my life all figured out, because I sure don't! It's much better to rely on Him to guide my paths than try to do it myself.
Post Tenebras Lux!


YHWHmurphy said...

Virtual Slap! JK...keep on keepin' on!...Ladybug

Storyteller said...

Ow! ha ha, thanks Ladybug. I need it!