Sep 26, 2009

Update Time!

     It's been a week since my last post already??? Bad, bad!
     I have completed my book proposal!!! At least, I just have to read over it, maybe fix a few things, and then it will be done. Truthfully, it should have been done a week ago, but am very distracted right now with the Alternate Reality Game that Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper are hosting on their forum, The Underground. *sigh* I am a terrible fantasy nut!
     Anyway, the proposal should be done by tomorrow, and when it is finished.... bra-ha-ha.... THEN the fun starts! I will send it to the agent and await their response. I know it's going to be terrible; I can hardly wait for books to be delivered from Amazon, and I'm supposed to wait for two months to hear if my very first book has been accepted or not?! Wonderful. :)
      I still haven't heard back from the publisher I contacted about the agent. I can tell you that I sure won't be looking into using them when the time comes to seek a publisher! Not if they're going to ignore people, no way.
      Last thing: THANK YOU EVERYONE who has taken an interest in my blog!!! You are all wonderful encouragement and totally awesome!!! Thank you SO much!
     I'll post again when I have sent out the proposal.

Post Tenebras Lux!


Seth said...

Well, I would say "May the Lord let you have your book accepted" But that would not be right. "May the Lord do his will, and let us hope that in the process your book will get published."

Storyteller said...

Thank you, Seth! I appreciate it more than you know! I sincerely hope that my book gets published, but if that is not God's will, I know it is the best thing.

Carolyne said...

I have a question, what does "Post Tenebras Lux" mean? Anywho, its great that you've finally finished your book proposal! I can't say how much I really want your book to get published! That would be totally wizard!! Keep going, ST! Sooner or later, YOU ARE GONNA MAKE THE SHELVES! I know it! :) Love ya!

Storyteller said...

Thanks, Carolyne! Your encouragement is invaluable!

Pot Tenebras Lux means "After Darkness Light." I believe it is Latin... though I may be wrong...

Nathan R. Petrie said...

oooh I like that phrase :D lol

Sooooo ST....if you're such an amazing writer...why not post some of it on the forum? lol

Can't wait to hear how this all goes for ya!

A brief suggestion, publishing companies get submissions ALL the time. So they may not be ignoring you...perhaps they haven't even seen what you've sent yet? Just an idea.

Might I ask what companythis is? lol

Storyteller said...

Hey, Nathan!

Er... she exaggerates. *laughs* (Just teasing you, Caro)
Maybe I'll join you all in the group writing someday (When I'm not so busy... whenever that is...). It sounds like a lot of fun.

Oh, it wasn't a submission. I just asked the publisher if they would recommend a certain agent I was looking at. The least they could have done was send me an e-mail saying "Sorry, we can't recommend agents!" But I have had no response.

I don't know if I should say the name. But if you want to find out, try e-mailing a bunch of publishers and see which one doesn't reply! lol

Thank you so much for your encouragement... again! :) You are all such a blessing to me!

Carolyne said...

I do not exaggerate! lol, only a little. :D