Dec 22, 2009

Evil Time

     I'm sure every one of my friends, even the "Underground Elves," have heard me express my lack of time to do, well, basically anything. This is usually due to the many projects I wish to undertake, while at the same time, I must see to my, shall we say, regular duties.
     Publishing a book falls under the "projects" list, and while it is a particularly high priority project, even it must be put off at certain times. Like at Christmas time.
     Someone asked me earlier this afternoon how my search was going. This is an indication that I need to write a new update. So here it is... nothing new.
     Very sad. But necessary. Just this past week, I hardly had time to take a breath.
     I do plan to pick up my quest for a new agent very soon after Christmas. Or New Years. Somewhere thereabouts.
     I have a list of agencies all ready, about eleven of them. *pauses* Yeah, that's a lot. My plan of action is to choose two or three agents, research their credentials, and send the story to them. While I am waiting for replies, I'll research two or three more. Hang on to your seats, people. This could get confusing. :)
     So, thar be yer update fer the day, matey....
     *shakes head*
     I think I better stop typing before I make a fool of myself. Yes, I am tired.

Post Tenebras Lux!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

haha was I the one who asked you? lol
Well at least I don't feel quite as bad. I too have been WAYYY too busy. lol

Good luck!

Storyteller said...

Yes, you were, Keeneye. *laughs* Thank you for motivating me to at least contemplate my next steps!

Good luck to you also with writing Part Three! God guide your pen.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I trust that He will :) I'm more interested in Him placing wings on my pen and making it fly REALLY fast ::laughs:: Oh and making the pen gold so that....oh never mind. Too many analogies lol I'm too tired.

May the Greatest of all Writers Guide us both

Storyteller said...

Your title was Keeneye of the Fiery Pen, wasn't it? *laughs*


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Aye, that it was Weaver of the Silverloom of Words ;)

Anonymous said...


Millard :D

Storyteller said...

Thanks, Millard. :)

Eric Reinhold said...

Looking forward to reading your work over Christmas... ahhh time to relax :)
Eric Reinhold, Author
The Annals of Aeliana

Storyteller said...

Wahoo! Hope you enjoy, Mr. Reinhold!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

It was Mr. Reinhold!!!!

You're a lucky girl ST ;)

Storyteller said...

Now you know the truth, Keeneye. *laughs* I am very blessed.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I totally guessed it'd be him :) I think I did at least lol

Scott Appleton said...

Since you visited Flaming Pen... Thought I'd visit you! Hi Storyteller!

Storyteller said...

Greetings, Sir Appleton! I am honored to have you visit my little piece of cyberspace! Thanks for commenting! :)

thelastolympian said...

Hi Storyteller. So, you are writing a book in three parts? Never knew that. Almost done? Sweet. Whats the name? Gonna be cool, probably. Like my format (question, statement)? I do.


Jett Green
The Allebian Knight
The Underground

Storyteller said...

Hey, Jett! I have written a three part book. Sorry, but I am not giving out the title just yet. :) Your format? You mean the spider? It's lovely. :P *laughs*