Dec 10, 2015

Flight Character Roll Call

     Today, I am gathering the bits and hints about the characters of Flight in one post. Why? Because I haven't written anything since Nanowrimo, and I need some kind of kick in the pants. This story is halfway done. I need to get over the crest of this hill. So, I hope a peek at the main cast will make you want to meet them and make me want to continue writing them. They are pretty cool.

     1. "Phoenix"
          This is the main character. That's all I've revealed so far. My sister wonders if this is a mythological creature; I tell you this so you won't feel alone as I continue to evade that question. 

 2. Benjamin
          This guy does not relinquish his secrets easily. I blame most of my struggles over Flight's plot on him. Very rarely do I get a clear look at his past and what his present goal is. That excites me, because I get to uncover secrets as I write, but it also worries me because I wonder if I'll be able to figure it out before the end of the story. Much of Flight hangs on him, so we'll see how this goes. He's also extremely sassy. I accidentally slipped his last name (which I apologetically stole from a real couple I know) on my Facebook page during Nanowrimo.

     3. Mrs. Highland
          This little old lady was inspired by my grandmother and other elderly relatives. She started out as an add-in to this story, just because old ladies rarely ever play a part in Spec-Fic, but she has grown into a vital character. I've described her relationship with Benjamin as "awkward" and you will get no further definition at this time. 

     4. "Nerd boy"
          I haven't yet revealed this character's name, but I will show you what helped inspire his personality traits and physical features:

I'm told this awesome picture was crafted by this artist:

          Yup. He basically looks like hipster Hiccup. My nerd boy's hair is a bit darker in color, and he's a few years older than Hiccup in this picture.

     5. Mr. Eden
          Oh, Eden. He's another rebellious character. I love him, but he has his own ideas. He pushes me to figure out new plot lines. Look, see?

     Also, he's apparently a pilot? Yeah, didn't see that one coming. 

     Those are all the significant characters I have mentioned so far. There are others in the story, but I will save them for a later time. Flight is, after all, still top-secret. Or something like that.

Yeah, none of the characters I mentioned today have a goatee. ;P

Post Tenbras Lux! 


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Sweet! Thank you, Megan!