Apr 24, 2010

'The Battle Surrendered - Part Seven'

The Battle Surrendered
Part Seven
Storyteller SilverLoom

     He looked me in the eyes before responding gently, “Dear heart, I am training you not to fight.”
     “What? I don’t get it. You’re training me not to fight the shadow creatures? But they’ll keep bringing me back to that tower!” I was beginning to go into hyper-panic mode.
     Jesus placed His hands on my shoulders. “Dear heart, this is what I’ve been trying to teach you. I want you to surrender. Listen to Me.” He continued slowly and deliberately, “You will never be able to defeat the enemy. They are far too cunning…. But I can defeat them for you.”
     At last, His point was starting to click inside my thick head.
     He went on, “You have to let Me do it. Dear heart, I want so badly to help you. Surrender to Me.”
     “But…,” I attempted an excuse and failed. There was nothing to say. His words went against every instinct in me, but He had to be right because He was Jesus.
     Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement among the trees. By the time I turned to look, they were just a few feet away.
     I screamed and fled, pulling away from Jesus as I ran, but the shadow creatures moved faster than I did. They were on me in a moment, their icy hands pulling me down.
     And then I did the dumbest thing. I fought the shadow creatures. I tried to claw at them and bite their hands. I pushed and squirmed and screamed, but they held on.
     The now familiar light suddenly bathed me in its unnatural beams. My head lolled and I felt my muscles slow. Thoroughly groggy, I couldn’t keep up the fight.
     Something brushed my ear. “Follow meee…,” the creature whispered.
     No, I couldn’t. Why not? I didn’t know why not. The light made me so dizzy….
     A sliver of sanity crossed my mind, telling me to surrender. Surrender to Him.
     No, I could fight! I had to fight! I could do this!
     The shadow creatures’ fingers felt so soft and smooth. The light made me so sleepy….
     Surrender to Him.
     This was a battle I could never win.


Jake said...

Wow... Why did you have to stop THERE? *sighs* Now I have to wait a whole 'nother day...

Squeaks said...

Haha!! Getting to be more and more intense... I wonder what happens next...?


Galadriel said...

But it can be won. It just can't be through your own strength

Storyteller said...

I have fun tormenting you guys. :D

Jessica said...

Ahhhh noooooo I can't wait....well I guess I can supposedly it is the greater virtues...so thank you for teaching me a lesson in patience...I think. :D
The picture is really...cool and creepy *shiver* I would say it is nice but since it is the bad guys I don't think it qualifies for nice. :)

Looking forward to the end of suspense but certainly not the end of the story it is so good.

Squeaks said...

Haha! You guys are too funny...I'm just going to re-read the other parts of this story in hope that I'll be able to satisfy my curiosity...