Apr 30, 2010

Your Vote Needed!

     I have been sucked into the wild world of Twitter!
     According to Michael Hyatt, this is a good thing (see his article, "12 Reasons to Start Twittering"). And I have to admit, it's been really fun! I am admittedly still trying to figure it all out, but thanks to Brayden Hirsch, I think I am getting the hang of it. Come check it out! http://twitter.com/StorytellerSL

     Along with getting a Twitter, I have been contemplating a Facebook page. I wanted to create something that will grab people's attention, something they will hopefully want to join. Making a fan page for myself feels awkward, so I am doing a "Support Team" page. Encouragement is a big help to me, so a support team seems perfect. My hope is that it will "broaden my online platform," as well as enable me to connect with other fellow writers and readers. The page is all set and ready to go, but every good page needs a good picture.

     I've taken several different pictures in different settings, but I can't decide which one is the best. So I need your opinion! Ask yourself which one would grab your attention, and then vote for that picture on the sidebar poll!





     Thanks so much for your help!

     Post Tenebras Lux!


Jake said...

Picture four! Although I won't be able to admire it... Can't get on Facebook, not that it bothers me! :)

Seth said...

I'm going to vote four. And, though I understand that you don't want your name on the internet for all to see, it may help 'broaden your platform'. Just a thought.

Storyteller said...

Thank you, gents!

Seth, I have thought of that. Only I don't see why my real name would go farther than my alias. If anything, I wonder if people would be intrigued by someone with an unknown identity? Or will they not take me seriously? I don't know for sure. Thanks for mentioning it to me!

Melody said...

I like both #2 and #4. I think #4 looks a bit more... mysterious perhaps? Love the fancy script. :D


Celebrilomiel said...

Hmm. They're all good, it was hard to pick.

I awarded you on my blog - www.melodyofthemiscellaneous.blogspot.com

Noah said...

I would have to say picture one. :)

Brenna Dixon said...

Gack! I am torn between One and Four. They are both eye-catching.

Katherine Sophia said...

yup, 4 it is. :D

Anonymous said...

This is extremely hard... they're all really creative pictures, ST!


Jake said...

Yeah, I'd think I'd have to agree with you, ST, about the mysteriousness of not knowing who the person is... That's why my username is simply 'Jake' and my location is in Garajid, Aleorendos... Namely, the location doesn't exist in this world. :) The meaning is known only to me.

Storyteller said...

Thanks for voting, everyone!

Jake, clever.... I never would have guessed your name was an alias.

Seth Skogerboe said...

Go with Four!